Everything You Need To Know For An Incredible Boudoir Photography Session

Locations For Boudoir Photography Sessions

I offer several options for boudoir photography sessions.  I offer the ability to schedule and in-studio session or the more common choice a luxury hotel suite that will be convenient for you to get to.  Using luxury and boutique hotels for boudoir photography sessions are the most popular choice followed by in-home sessions. We can discuss the various location options to create a phenomenal boudoir photography experience in an environment that fits your personality, style and comfort.

Boudoir Photography Session Prep

Preparing for your boudoir photography session should start well before the day of your schedule photoshoot.  Boudoir photography sessions are intimate by nature and can be intimidating for some women. It’s ok to be nervous, but rest assured you’ll have a great time once we begin our session. Communication is important to build trust, so share your ideas, concerns or any questions you might have prior to your session date. How comfortable your and how much you trust in me, will show in your final images. We want your images and experience to be a fun, exciting and exhilarating experience and I will do whatever is required to make you look your absolute very best!

Boudoir Photography Styling

Whenever clients ask me what types of outfits they should wear for their boudoir session, I tell them is to make sure that whatever they choose, it should be something that they feel comfortable and sexy in. I’ve had clients bring in  lingerie that’s too far out of her comfort zone, and it showed in her faces and body language. Your wardrobe choice should be pieces that fit properly, are clean and reflect your style.  Lingerie isn’t even really a requirement for a sensual boudoir session. You can use a favorite sports team jersey, a mens dress shirt and tie, and for a more rugged sporty look a tank top and boy shorts.  A boudoir photography session is about capturing your individual sensuality, personality and beauty, so it’s all about what makes you feel sexy.

Hair and Makeup For Your Boudoir Photography Session

As with any other type of portrait photography, professional hair and makeup makes a big difference in how you will look in your images. Whether you want a glam look or a more natural style, a professional hair and makeup artist can create a look that will show in your images. Having your hair and makeup done right before your boudoir photography session will also help you relax and ease into the photography process. We have amazing hair and makeup artists we routinely use and can deliver the look you want.

During the Boudoir Photography Session

It’s absolutely normal to be nervous and not know what to do in front of the camera. As your boudoir photographer, I i will guide and direct you throughout the session. Sometimes I will even demonstrate poses myself, all to help you look your best, instill confidence and make your boudoir photography experience fun. By not only guiding and directing you, but demonstrating when necessary any poses shows you, I wont ask you to do something I would be able to do or be comfortable doing myself. pastedGraphic.png

Retouching Boudoir Photography Images

Retouching a boudoir photography session can vary from photographer to photographer. While many boudoir photographers opt for magazine-style editing, that includes methods such as frequency separation (editing technique that create a flawless complexion) for that flawless look, I approach my editing to make you look your very best without changing too much of who you really are!  There are boudoir photographers that do very little editing for an extremely authentic look. I edit somewhere in the middle, but upon request I can remove temporary or permanent blemishes, use the liquify sparingly for minor tucks, and skin softening or smoothing technique to lessen or remove skin imperfections.

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